tuna cans

by ghost taco



written & recorded in 18 hours in my apartment.
NO LOOPS. This was made recording over myself in One Takes four or five times. If I fucked up the take I didn't use it.

This song is about the time i got stranded by the greyhound in Golden on my way to Montreal. Got picked up hitchhiking by a guy w a nice dog and then by some coke dealers in a FUCKING LIMO (full of giant TY plush cats, cookies, and maxi pads) at midnight in Canmore.

The mountains around there were the bottom of a sea 500 million years ago- some of the oldest fossils in the world are there. When I was a really little kid my parents used to force gravol on me and my sisters and we'd drive to Edmonton in one day. I hallucinated my way through these mountains a lot as a little girl. So i get very tripped out up there. Don't even get me started on the Coquihalla.


released December 8, 2015




ghost taco Montreal, Québec

The Ghost Taco is the sound of an sm57 inside my vagina. Heartbeat and voice make appearances. For bookings and inquiries email devon.michigan at gmail dot com.

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